About me

Since 1988

I’m Peony and welcome to my creative design space. I believe using innovate and empowering designs can bring significant impact on a business or a brand.

I specialise in print, web, UI, branding, digital marketing, e-learning and project management. As a skilled and ambitious senior-level professional with more than 10 years of experience in designing, developing, directing, and executing successful, visionary projects for high-profile brands.

Over the past 10 years, I have been designing and implementing forward-thinking, creative design projects for a variety of top-level clients within diverse sectors including consumer electronics, home products, fashion, health, technology, energy and education. With expertise in a broad range of design software applications such as Adobe Creative Suits, Microsoft Office, WordPress, Salesforce and etc.

Grow up in north China and moved to New Zealand at age of 15. I always had a passion for art and wanted a career that will allow me to be creative. So I studied and graduated with a bachelor degree in computer graphic design from the University of Waikato in New Zealand.  In 2011, I moved to Sydney Australia to pursue my dream as a creative designer. 
I worked for Tempo Pty Ltd, company leading consumer goods sourcing and distribution in FMCG, developing cutting-edge packaging designs, print, marketing materials and digital advertising. It gave me the opportunity to work with many leading retails across Australia and New Zealand such as The Good Guys, Priceline, Bing Lee, Target, The Warehouse New Zealand and etc. 
After 4 years of exercising print based design, I decided to move into the digital and interactive space. Focusing on front-end web design, mobile interface (UI), branding and digital marketing. Major clients such as Styletread, Esprit, Auxilis & Yosun Good.
I also love painting and photography. I travel to different places in the world and capture amazing scenarios, architecture and people. It’s the journey of finding inspiration and creativity. 
I strive to provide creative services and solutions to my clients, with professional work flair and exclusive designs that suits your business objectives and goals. I aim to translate my passion for design into a positive working relationship which guarantees to impact your brand and business.